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Warehouse (North America)

EDI is an excellent tool to optimize warehousing business processes. Timely and accurate information can be exchanged without error leading to just-in-time utilization of capacity and movement of goods. Our team of analysts are ready to help you understand our specifications and facilitate testing to ultimately integrate our systems in a production environment.

The base set of transactions for a warehouse include the shipping 940/945, receiving 856/944, and inventory balance 846. 

Copack or special pack operations may also include production orders 850/860. Sites that store raw materials may also implement the 855. Additional transactions are provided to further integrate processes if able. Please discuss your scope with your assigned EDI analyst.

(International - Warehouse)

Warehouse Transactions - Supply Chain (NA)

Transaction Standard/
Description  Supporting Documents
214 UCS/4030 Warehouse Shipment Status  214 FAQ
846 UCS/4010 Inventory Snapshot  846 FAQ
850 X12/4010 Production Order  850 FAQ
852 UCS/4010 Inventory Activity  See 846 FAQ
855 UCS/4010 Copy of Vendor PO  855 FAQ
856 UCS/4010 Advance Ship Notice  856 FAQ
860 X12/4010 Production Order Change  See 850 FAQ
888 UCS/4030 Item Maintenance  888 FAQ
940 UCS/4010 Warehouse Shipping Order  940 FAQ
940 UCS/4030* Warehouse Shipping Order  See 940 FAQ
943 X12/4010 Notice to Receive  943 FAQ
944 UCS/4010 Notice of Receipt (Production, Interplant and Vendor)  944 FAQ
945 UCS/4010 Notice of Shipment  945 FAQ
947 UCS/4010 Notice of Inventory Adjustments  947 FAQ
947 UCS/4010 Inventory Status (Outbound): Green Light / Reach & Hold  947 FAQ

*The 4030 version of the 940 supports COR/COE, Production Substitution, Order Type & Customer Specific Freshness Requirements.

Support Documents:

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Initial Implementation Surveys:

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