Reducing sugar


Since 2007, we have lowered sugar levels in our kid cereals by more than 16 percent, on average.

Today, all General Mills Big G kid cereals are at 10 grams of sugar or less per serving.

Today, all General Mills Big G kid cereals are at 10 grams of sugar or less per serving – and many are already at single-digits. Sugar has also been reduced in many other General Mills cereals. 

Most people associate sugar with bringing sweetness to food. However, many people are surprised to learn that sugar also contributes to bulk and crispiness, and to the toasty brown color of cereal. It’s also critical in staving off sogginess, which presents a technical challenge in reducing the sugar in cereal. But our cereal experts are up for the challenge. 

chart depicting sources of sugar consumed by children

To reduce sugar, we’ve moved some of the sugar to the outside of some cereals, so while there is less sugar overall, the remaining sugar is still perceived by the taste buds. 

We have also incorporated natural flavorings like vanilla, cinnamon and other ingredients to enhance sweetness. All sugar reductions have been made while continuing to maintain the great taste of our cereals.

General Mills has also been working to lower the sugar in our yogurts advertised to children under age 12 since 2004. We’ve lowered the average sugar level in Yoplait kid yogurts by more than 21 percent since 2007, and we continue to improve the nutrition profile of our products while striving to meet consumer taste preferences overall.