Reducing trans fat

In 2015, we reduced trans fat to 0 grams labeled per serving in more than 300 products.


Trans fats occur naturally in certain foods, such as milk and meat products. However, the majority of trans fats in human diets have come from foods containing partially hydrogenated oils.

Now, you may know that fats are an essential part of a healthy diet. Still, many of us consume more fat than needed for a healthy lifestyle.

Since 2008, we have reduced trans fat to zero grams in more than 300 of our U.S. retail products.

As science on the topic emerged, health officials began to recommend avoiding added trans fats, and consuming the least amount of trans fat as possible. 

General Mills has successfully reformulated products with the intent following this recommendation.

For example, in fiscal 2015, trans fat was reduced to 0 grams per labeled serving in Betty Crocker Bisquick sold in Canada and the U.S.

We continue to look for ways to reduce or remove fat where possible while maintaining the taste and quality that people love and expect.