Yogurt and health

Providing a good source of calcium and vitamin D.

Yogurt is a healthy food choice and can be a great choice in helping manage your weight.

From Yoplait to Mountain High to Libertéour yogurt brands provide exceptional taste using the highest-quality dairy ingredients plus live and active cultures.

Thinking local

Yoplait is headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt, France.  Our partner, Sodiaal, is one of the world’s largest dairy cooperatives. Sourcing from local dairy farmers in the Sodiaal cooperatives, we use milk from cows that live in the same region as our facilities while minimizing environmental impact.

Uniquely “cultured”

With just a few simple ingredients, Mountain High is made in the traditional European method called "Cultured in the Cup." We mix milk and cultures together in the same cup that you buy. 

Equally important to the cup is our milk. Because we want the milk to taste perfect, we look for farms where they do not treat the cows with growth hormones. 

Combined with the milk, the cultures work their magic, thickening the yogurt and giving it a distinct creaminess and tang.