U.N. Women's Empowerment Principles

Our commitment to empowering women and girls worldwide has been a key pillar of our company for decades.


In support of our mission, we are signatories to the United Nation’s Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP).

The principles were established by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality, the Empowerment of Women and the United Nations Global Compact. The seven principles outlined for businesses offer guidance on how to empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community.

Principles such as those outlined by WEP have been part of General Mills values, and a driver of success, for decades.

The principles

  1. Establish high-level corporate leadership for gender equality. 
  2. Treat all women and men fairly at work – respect and support human rights and nondiscrimination.
  3. Ensure the health, safety and well-being of all women and men workers. 
  4. Promote education, training and professional development for women. 
  5. Implement enterprise development, supply chain and marketing practices that empower women. 
  6. Promote equality through community initiatives and advocacy. 
  7. Measure and publicly report on progress to achieve gender equality.

We broadly support what these principles stand for – empowerment of women – while retaining flexibility where necessary to refine, or more specifically define, what they mean to us or how they apply to our businesses globally.

For example, we view equity in pay as equal pay for equal work and have concerns with the potential negative implications of any regulatory mandates to the contrary.