Workplace development


We respect, develop and invest in our people.

We have a long history of making employee development a key priority for the company.

We established the General Mills Institute more than 20 years ago to provide learning and development opportunities for all employees – production employees, salaried employees, managers and executives alike.

We know that engaged employees create value and drive business performance.

Coach and train

Great managers are key to retaining and energizing employees.

We created our Great Managers initiative in 2009 to train and increase the effectiveness of our managers around the world.

We offer numerous courses at our General Mills Institute for all employees and online learning classes that support professional development.

We leverage our robust offering of eLearning courses and other technology solutions to meet the demands of an increasingly mobile and global workforce.

We also provide funding for external training and education.

Measure effectiveness

General Mills continually innovates to provide learning and development support to our global workforce. We regularly assess learning needs at every level of the organization.

To measure effectiveness, we use scorecards to assess learning and behavior improvements and their connections to measurable business results.

Our Employee Engagement Survey includes data on employee satisfaction related to professional development. Employees also rate the effectiveness of managers using the Great Managers Index.

Feedback has led to a range of actionable items, including additional resources to improve managers’ skills and communication and enhancements to the company’s global internal collaboration network of more than 1,000 communities.

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