Workplace safety


We focus on achieving a 'zero-loss culture'

The goal: Reduce injuries, make safety the priority everywhere we work.

Continuous improvement

  • Global total injury rate of 1.20 injuries per 100 employees in 2016, down from 1.22 in 2015.
  • Global lost-time injury frequency rate of .51 per 100 employees in 2016, down from .67 in 2015.

Starting in 2016, global incident data includes Yoki and Yoplait International, Häagen-Dazs shops and global offices.

Future safety performance will be measured against the new baseline established in 2016. 


In 2016, we built upon a foundation established in 2015.

That groundwork detailed global safety standards that provide guidance on specific safety requirements, such as personal protective equipment and risk assessment at our production facilities.

We continue to expand and optimize these standards to ensure uniform compliance across the company.

Tracking, sharing

Our Global Safety Governance Board (GSGB), composed of regional operating vice presidents, is responsible for the pace of global standards development.

In fiscal 2016, our GSGB conducted regional impact assessments of detailed safety standards, aligned with enterprise-wide leading indicators of safety performance, and initiated the sharing of lessons learned from safety incidents across the global supply chain. 

Responsibility and auditing

Workplace health and safety is the responsibility of General Mills line management and each employee. All employees are expected to work safely by following all rules, procedures and training.

Our Corporate Safety Council is led by our chairman and CEO, who is responsible for General Mills’ policy and safety culture.

The council, which includes key members of the company’s leadership team, meets quarterly to review safety progress and key initiatives.


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